Use our easy tool to check for sanctioned individuals, organizations, countries, dual use HS or BIC codes

  • Dutch Sanction List Terrorism
  • EU Consolidated Financial Sanctions List
  • United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List
  • USA OFAC non-SDN
  • USA BIS and State Department lists (optional)
  • UK Sanctions List
  • Australian Consolidated List

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Upload your batch file

containing up to 2,000 names or HS codes

We work our magic

And scan those records against 160,000+ sanctioned persons and organizations or 1,300+ HS codes with Dual Use

Analyze the results

Use all the information we could find and reach conclusions about the (possible) matches 

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How does
it work?

Our Features

Contact us for a demo or to setup your private sanctioncheck environment including your own subdomain (eg: and a private database. You can create accounts for up to 4 users (more on request), and scan 2,000 persons / companies / HS codes in a single batch. 

  • Unlimited use
  • Multi-user
  • Batch and single scan
  • Reach your own conclusions
  • Pre-fill using your old results
  • PDF export
  • Gives you as much data as possible to do your research
  • Removes your data autmotically to prevent unnecessary retention

Sanctions Scan

Scan persons or companies quickly against the most common sanction lists. 

How does it work?
  • 7 sanction lists default
  • Intelligent search system (phonetic search, fuzzy matching)
  • Adjust your scan treshold
  • Updated weekly
No setup fees

Dual Use Scan

Upload your (lists with) HS codes to check these against the

EU REGULATION 2021/821 Annex I and IV. 

How does it work?
  • Enter part of your HS code (6-10 digits)
  • HS code descriptions
  • 6.200+ HS / Dual Use codes
  • 2.500+ Dual Use explanations 
  • Updated weekly
No setup fees

Free Trial

30 days free trial. Fill out the contact form and start scanning your clients within 1 business day. 

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  • Sanctions Scan
  • Dual Use Scan
  • BIC scan
  • Single scan only
  • 30 days free of charge
€0/30 days
No setup fees

Optional packages

USA BIS & State Department lists

Scan companies and individuals against the USA Bis & State Department lists (13.000+ names)


Risk countries

Scan companies, individuals and HS codes against the EU and USA sanctioned countries.


Create accounts for up to 10 users

By default you can create up to 4 accounts


BIC scan

Scan BIC/Swift codes from your clients bank accounts to retrieve the bank name (and scan these names for sanctions).


Need 11 to 10,000 users?

Contact us for a quote


Do you miss a feature? E.g. a sanctionlist or different export formats? Please contact us.

All prices are excl. VAT and are billed yearly. 

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